Hi there and welcome,

     My name is Jaianne, pronounced like “Jay Anne”, but most friends call me “Jai”.  I’m a country girl, a Kentucky girl, and a little bit of Mississippi, Southern coast, God loving and Bohemian Hippie explorer wanna-be mixed in!  I’m also a Mom, and a salvage and flea market junkie. I’m into sustainability and using what I have.  I love figuring out how to give old things new life, and I have constant projects going on in my head and a garage full of cool finds!  I have a special love for growing Bamboo, and after a whole lot of reading and research, I started my own Bamboo grove.  I purchased 3 small 5 ft. trees, 6 years ago, and the trees are thriving! My grove is always changing, and right now, I’m creating secret trails and hiding spaces in the center of the grove!  I feel a BIG connection with nature, and hope to teach my children to respect the environment and to do their part in taking care of our beautiful Earth. Traveling and showing my children the awe of this great big beautiful world is an ongoing goal and adventure! Also, officially a beginner Yogi, and Ohhh….I’ve been meaning to buy some baby chicks and a small coop!  On the side, I’m a full-time X-ray Technologist…


I truly hope you enjoy my site, and thank you for taking the time to visit.

Adding sunshine wherever I can!

Jaianne Seay

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